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Product Overview:
With Blueinput you can connect bluetooth keyboards or mouses to your Pocket PC, and enjoy the comfort of a wireless input device. Your gain is increased productivity: type emails faster, browse the internet easier, all in one, a unique new experience, that transforms your Mobile Device into the perfect Mobile Office solution. This version of BlueInput works with Windows Mobile devices that have the Broadcom Bluetooth Stack such as HTC TP2, HTC HD2, Asus, IPAQ

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Features list:
The BlueInput driver comes with some powerful features:
  • Compatible with all Broadcom stack releases including 1.9.X
  • Universal HID support: BlueInput works with any standard Bluetooth Keyboard
  • Power saving features: BlueInput uses as little battery power as possible
  • Small footprint: BlueInput uses tiny amounts of memory and cpu power, less then 0.5MB Storage!
  • Fast Text Input: use your Bluetooth Keyboard to write emails, messages or various notes. It's fast - BlueInput makes it possible!
  • Robust functionality: you can use several mouses in the same time, Blueinput handles them all!
  • GAPI compatible: now you can play Pocket PC games using our driver and your Bluetooth mouse
  • User friendly: this driver is a sophisticated piece of software, but it has a friendly user interface
  • Easy configuration: a few taps is all the user needs to do, to have BlueInput working
  • Enhances user experience: it turns your simple Pocket PC into a Powerful Mobile Office unit
  • Unlimited trial: we have provided an unlimited trial version so you can see how useful BlueInput is.