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Fingertouch PRO
Video: Fast Text Input
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  • Introduction
  • Compatibility
  • Installing FingerTouch 2.1
  • Features
  • Settings panel
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    \----- TAB2 - Layout
    \----- TAB3 - Magnifier
    \----- TAB4 - fT9
    \----- TAB5 - Gestures
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    \----- TAB9 - About
    \----- TAB10 - Register
  •   FingerTouch 2.1 Registration
  •   What's new in 2.1?

  • Introduction
    Fingertouch Professional is by FAR the best keyboard released for the Pocket PC platform.
    Big, finger friendly keys, fT9 technology, UltraKeyboard technology, predictive keyboard, multiple languages, drag-and-drop configurable keyboard, gestures, skins, magnifier, are just a few to provide an insight into the thought and research that went into developing this program. Entering text on your Pocket PC has never been this fast!
    You will quickly see what it means to have the right tool for the right job, as Fingertouch is the best software in its category and makes text input extremely easy.

    Fingertouch Professional 2.1 is compatible with:
    - Pocket PC devices, running Windows Mobile
    - Windows Mobile 4.0 OS (including Pocket PC 2003 and Pocket PC 2003 SE)
    - Windows Mobile 5.0 OS
    - Windows Mobile 6.0 OS
    - Supports SQUARE screens: 240x240, 320x320 and 480x480
    - Supports QVGA screens: 240x320 and 320x240
    - Supports VGA screens: 480x640 and 640x480

    Fingertouch Professional 2.1 is RealVGA compatible, it supports 96x96 DPI and 128x128 DPI.
    Installing FingerTouch 2.1
    To install the software on your mobile device, you need to download the CAB file from Fingertouch download page. Having the software CAB file, follow the next steps:
    1.Open ActiveSync on your desktop
    2.Click Explore.
    3.Copy the file to your device. You can do this by dragging and dropping the file from the folder on your desktop to the My Documents folder for your device.
    On the device, open File Explorer:
    4.Tap Start > Programs > File Explorer.
    5.Open the folder that you copied the .CAB file into.
    6.Tap the .CAB file or select the CAB file using the arrows and press the action button.
    7.The application will install on your device.

    - Fingertouch 2.1 comes with 5 layouts, meaning you have 5 keyboards in 1:
    classic keyboard, smart keyboard (predictable), phone keyboard (phone-like), calculator/numeric keyboard and the successful big keyboard (predictable).
    - Fast text input with our patented technologies:
    - Embedded fT9 Technology, this is the Teksoft Patented, T9 like technology included in Fingertouch Professional
    - Embedded UltraKeyboard Technology, for assigning various actions to text commands (triggers)
    - Configurable layout, including keyboard Skin, text font, size and color
    - Drag and drop on keyboard for changing the keyboard size, or for customizing the position of the keys
    - Magnifier, that can help you better see the keys you are pressing
    - Configurable fT9 parameters, for easy use including finger easy interface
    - Gestures, you can slide over your keyboard to send Backspace, space, Enter or upper case letters to your documents
    - Ultrakeyboard advanced configuration panel for defining your custom action and triggers.

    Settings panel
    The Settings Panel is used to define user preferences like: Keyboard skin, Layout, Text font, fT9 Configuration, Languages, Gestures and more. Here you can also define various triggers to take advantage of the embedded "Ultra Keyboard" technology, or to configure the fT9 engine to take the most out of it. Also this is the place to enter the license key to register your FingerTouch copy.

    To access the Settings panel, you can go to Start->Settings->Input, select "FingerTouch Pro" and press the Options button. Alternatively you can click on the bottom Keyboard symbol, then press the little arrow to open the popup menu with keyboards, and from there press Options. Please use the picture as a reference.

    The settings panel comes with several tabs that are designed to group the various settings, as follows:

    - TAB1 - Theme: is used to customize the Text Font, and the Skin. It also shows a nice preview:

    - TAB2 - Layout: allows you to configure the keyboard's height, to enable the drag-able mode or to enable sounds.

    1. Allow Drag&Drop keyboard resize makes the keyboard drag-able. With this enabled, you can slide on the left or right extremity of the keyboard up and down to change the keyboard's height.

    2. The Slider if you prefer to define the keyboard size without dragging it, you can use this slider to define a height percentage.
    3. Allow Dragable keys is a powerful feature that you can use to completely customize the layout of your keyboard. With this enabled, simply tap on a key and drag it over another to switch their positions:

    4. Enable sounds enable this option if you want to hear a sound each time you press a key.

    - TAB3 - Magnifier: You can enable the magnifier to help you better see the keys you are pressing. This option is available for the first keyboard layout only.

    1. Enable key magnifier Enables the magnifier for the Keyboard 1 layout.
    2. Magnifier Movement Delay Allows you to define the magnifier delay. Use this to reach optimum functionality when using together with "Gestures".
    Ex. Say you have both Gestures and Magnifier enabled. Moving the stylus from left (ex. letter E) to right (ex. letter Y), what would you like the Fingertouch to do?
    A) Send the last letter you’ve stopped the movement on (Y)
    B) Send Enter (the gesture associated with left -> right movement)
    Answer for A) Using a Longer delay for the Magnifier will send the Y character.
    Answer for B) Using a Shorter delay for the Magnifier will result in doing the gesture associated with the right direction drag (will send Enter).
    As you can see, Fingertouch can suit your every need.
    3. Magnifier position can be used to select the location of the Magnifier Popup

    - TAB4 - fT9: This is the place to configure the powerful fT9 Engine, embedded in your Fingertouch copy. Using fT9, you will be able to enter high volumes of text, very quickly, using only your fingers.

    1. Enable fT9 Enables the fT9 functionality and disabled the multitap for keyboard layouts #3 and #5.
    2. Popup Height How big the fT9 popup should be?
    3. Popup Max view words How many words should be displayed in the fT9 popup?
    4. Popup Max search words To adjust the search performance, you can configure the number of words to be predicted 5. Popup position allows you to adjust the location where the fT9 popup will be displayed.

    - TAB5 - Gestures: Enabling the gestures, will allow you to quickly send Backspace, Space, Enter and perform upper case on keys

    1. Enable Gestures Enables the Gestures for Fingertouch
    2. Gestures Delay Defines how quickly you need to move the stylus / your finger on the keyboard, to be considered a gesture.

    - TAB 6 UltraKB: shows the UltraKeyboard settings and allows you to Configure the advanced UltraKeyboard Engine that can improve the typing speed.

    There are several default triggers (!cap,!gre,...), that can be modified, by holding the stylus over any of them and choosing "Add/Delete". A simple tap on a pre-defined trigger will allow the user to modify it. The small button labeled " ... " over the Parameter box can be used to browse for files (for the Execute File trigger). After an item has been modified, you must press "Save" to keep the changes.
    The implemented actions are:
    1. Replace with phrase: configure a trigger text-combination that when typed would be instantly replaced with a phrase. Imagine how useful can this be for common expression, often used in emails like greetings, or formal questions.
    2. Execute a file: start any program by typing the proper key combination.
    3.-Turn device off: put the device in hibernation to save power when you no longer need to use it.
    4. Reset device: had a hard time while looking for that tiny reset button? Use this action to reset your device easily
    5. Call number: define a key combination that would automatically call the configured number when typed. This option is available for Pocket PCs with phone.
    6. Screen Capture: take a snapshot of your screen by typing the trigger combination. By default this is !cap
    7. Rotate Screen: use it to change the screen orientation.
    For any of these actions, the trigger can be typed anywhere, it doesn't need to appear on the screen (you can be in File Explorer and type a combination - the configured action will be instantly executed even if the trigger text doesn't appear).

    - TAB7 - Speed: You it to configure the keyboard's reaction time

    1. Repeat Delay How long you need to keep a key pressed to start repeating the key
    2. Repeat Rate How fast the repeated keys will be sent
    3. Multi-tap Replace Delay On keys containing multiple symbols, it defines how quickly you need to tap to obtain the desired symbol

    - TAB8 - Keyboard: Configure keyboard related settings, or restore to default settings

    1. Set as default keyboard will set Fingertouch as the default keyboard (Ex. after a reset)
    2. Default keyboard layout defines which of the 5 layouts to use when first opening the keyboard
    3. Select Language allows you to change the keyboard between the 2 languages installed. Alternatively you can use the language key on Keyboard #1. To change the 2 installed languages, you need to reinstall Fingertouch and choose two languages from the list.
    4. Revert to default settings will reconfigure Fingertouch with the default settings applied at install time. You can use this option to correct some of the settings, in case you are not happy with the result.

    - TAB9 - About: Shows useful info about Fingertouch, including developer website, purchase options or help links.

    - TAB10 - Register: This tab only appears in the Unregistered version of Fingertouch, and allows you to enter the license key to register your software copy
    Note: By registering Fingertouch you support the ongoing development, so if you like our software please purchase a license key!

    1. Your Ownername shows the Owner name defined for your device. To change this field, please go to Start->Settings->Owner information.
    When purchasing Fingertouch make sure to provide the correct Owner name, or the serial key will come as invalid.
    For additional help with the registration,
    click here.
    2. Serial key in this field you can enter the serial key. Be careful not to make any typing mistakes, or the key will come as invalid
    3. Register button press this button to complete the Fingertouch registration. If your serial key is correct, the software will become registered and the limitations will be removed

    FingerTouch Registration
    A license key for FingerTouch Professional 2.1, costs 14.95EUR (aprox. 24.95USD). The unregistered version will work as trial for 16 days, after this period the software needs to be registered.
    Once you have FingerTouch installed and working properly, go in the FingerTouch Settings panel, then press the Register Tab:

    Write down the Owner name code. On your device it will show a different Owner name then in the picture above. Next you can purchase a License Code, just make sure to provide the correct Owner name of your device when asked. After the payment is complete, you will receive your serial code automatically. Check your mailbox spam filters to allow emails from the domain.
    In case you've payed for a key but didn't receive your code, you can retrieve it automatically, by visiting
    this link.
    For any questions don't hesitate to contact our support.

    What's new in 2.1?
    - Several languages have been added (Danish, Dutch, Norwegian, Swedish)
    - FTPro's fT9 can be used with the native SMS application and Email
    - Bigger words dictionaries for all languages (used in the fT9 predictive mechanism)
    - Improved internal functionality for faster/smoother usage
    - Bugfixes and improved stability
    - A new skin (3D)
    - A new website for FTPro, on