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Product Overview:
Glyphs is a fingerfriendly user interface (shell) that replaces the standard Windows Mobile interface to offer an improved PocketPC or Smartphone look and feel and faster access to the device's functions. Composed of 3 major components, the Menu, the Today Plugin and the Info Screen, Glyphs assures perfect integration with your mobile device for increased performance and productivity.

    Demo #1
Glyphs 1.5 brings more speed. A modern interface that improves the work with your mobile device by making it simple and accessible. This video shows most of the Glyphs components and options.

Full Screen video
Demo #2
The Glyphs plugin contains for of the hottest features in the Glyphs package. Using it, you can organize the entire today space so that you would have all your favorite applications or even plugin, accessible with just a few taps!
Our plugin is so powerful that it can embed other third party plugins. This way you can assign a group for each of your favorite categories.

Full Screen video
    Demo #3
Yet another Glyphs features walkthrough.

Full Screen video

The Menu
The Infoscreen
The Today Plugin

Features list:
  • Fast access to the vital functions of the device
  • Easy to use and fingerfriendly
  • 70 default icons to choose from! (and many more can be added)
  • Plugin organizer, Glyphs can manage all your plugins from the Glyphs plugin
  • Display important data like phone signal, battery, missed calls, date and time
  • Endlessly configurable (text color, items, graphics, plugins, and more)
  • Powerful features and registry hacks (see the manual)
  • Glyphs comes with 3 components: Infoscreen, Menu, Settings that improve your device
  • Powerful graphic options including alphablending, fading, and shadows
  • Compatible with Pocket PCs and Smartphone running WM4.0 and above!
  • Compatible with all screen resolutions, Glyphs covers all devices available!