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This version of BlueInput is designed for Windows Mobile devices that have the Broadcom Bluetooth Stack such as HTC TP2, HTC HD2, Asus, IPAQ and others.

With Blueinput you can connect bluetooth keyboards or mouses to your phone, and enjoy the comfort of a wireless input device. Your gain is increased productivity: type emails faster, browse the internet easier, access your documents in the most convenient way, all in one, a unique new experience, that transforms your Mobile Device into the perfect Mobile Office solution.

Take advantage of the trial version available as free download on our website. It will renew your mobile device, and turn it once again into your favorite piece of technology!

15 November 2010
BlueInput for Android, version 1.7 has been released. If you're using an Android device, or planning to get one, make sure you keep an eye on BlueInput, or Bluetooth Keyboard and Mouse driver for Android.

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