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Music is Wireless... a reality for more then 100,000 BlueMusic users. We've pushed the development even further and now the new improved 3.0 version is available for Android OS.

Using your headsets to listen to audio content has never been so easy! This latest version offers more then one can possibly need: support for multiple headsets, easy configuration, and most of all - support for A2DP Stereo Headsets! When it comes to multimedia, BlueMusic is your Number One choice!

For your car, you can use BlueMusic to redirect GPS voice to the car's bluetooth system. Get the audio streams back to your headset after a phone call automatically.

Take advantage of the trial version available as free download on our website or on the Android Market.

MindReaderPro is a fun magic game. Amaze your friends with cool magic tricks or have fun socializing with the eccentric HOT Lemon character!

Use Blueinput to connect a bluetooth keyboard to your Android for ultra fast typing speed.

Android driver for Bluetooth barcode scanners.
*** The offer is available for the month of December, 2011.

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